Saturday, May 13, 2017

For the Love of Dance

Seattle International Arts Festival
(Seattle International Dance Festival)


The Seattle International Dance Festival began in 2006 after Cyrus Khambatta, Artistic Director for Khambatta Dance attended an Artistic Director Leadership training program with a grant from The Paul G. Allen Foundation and began to realize a long, stirring desire to connect audiences with dance through the festival environment. This year’s indoor/outdoor/in and around South Lake Union dance festival runs from June 9-25, 2017 with performances popping up in multiple locations including:

Art on the Fly
The festival’s free outdoor event, an urban dance/art experience for the aesthetically inclined and physically interactive, with main stage and roving performances, flash mobs, free dance classes, a craft fair, kids activities, and food trucks from celebrated Seattle restaurants. Don’t miss this outdoor, all-ages celebration of art and dance in the middle of downtown Seattle!

Inter|National Series
The festival’s premier evening series presents dance artists and companies from around the world. This series connects audiences with the pulse of the contemporary dance scene, nationally and internationally, with regional artists of international scope.


Spotlight Series
This series gives local audiences a panoramic view of the thriving Seattle area dance scene, including three evening programs each with a different focus: Spotlight on Contemporary Ballet, Spotlight: Artists Perspective – a focus on theme-oriented dance makers, and Spotlight on Seattle Now – providing a peek behind the curtain of contemporary dance happening in our community today.

For tickets and more information, visit the SIDF website.