Saturday, February 4, 2017

An Improvised Week: Seattle Festival of Improv Theater

Seattle Festival of Improv Theater


While the Super Bowl gets all of the attention this time of year, Seattle is home to another great competition that you might not know even exists. Groups from all over North America (and sometimes further) descend here for the annual Seattle Festival of Improv Theater.

This year the festival takes place for five days from February 15-19, 2017 performing at two venues. The week includes tons of improve shows, a variety of improve workshops and master classes, parties and what they affectionately call, The Dust Up which has been described as an “improve jam.” While all members of the family could enjoy the shows, the festival states that the performances are not exactly family-friendly and parental guidance is suggested at most SFIT performances.

With that said, SFIT strives to:

  • Serve our audiences with the highest quality and variety of diverse performances possible.
  • Educate the audience as to the depth and variety of improvisational theater that is being currently produced.
  • Provide the highest quality performing and teaching experience for our attending improv professionals.
  • Provide opportunities for growth and networking to all participants.

All performances will take place at Jet City Improv (5510 University Way NE, 98105) and SFIT Second Stage (3940 Brooklyn Ave. NE, 98105). Tickets start at $18 and can be purchased online.

(Top) The Cotton Gin (Bottom) Toast
Groups performing from Seattle include:

  • Blood Squad
  • Book Club
  • Carskee
  • The Cotton Gin (Unexpected Productions)
  • Death & Taxes
  • The Edge of History (The Edge Improv)
  • The Gloomwhisper Entrancement
  • Godot: The Untold Story
  • Phill & Ian’s 20-Minute Radio Hour
  • Pint of Life
  • Plush Squad
  • Porchlandia
  • Scenic Detour
  • Smuppets
  • Toast (Seattle ComedySportz)
  • Very Special Episode (Jet City Improv)
  • Something Wicked (Olympia)

Improv Comedy Mumbai
Groups performing from across the nation and even further include:

  • BASSPROV (Chicago)
  • Broke Gravy (Portland)
  • Buzzed Broadway (Chicago)
  • The Future (Philadelphia)
  • Hot Tin Roof (Los Angeles)
  • Improv Comedy Mumbai (Mumbai, India)
  • J Names (Portland)
  • Manacle (Portland)
  • Oil in the Alley (Honolulu)
  • Screwbuki (Honolulu)
  • Your Moms (Vancouver)