Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Game’s Afoot at Pacific Science Center

Kids and adults alike will enjoying finding clues and solving the mystery. (Pacific Science Center)
The Pacific Science Center (PSC) is the one kind of museum that kids love to go to because they are so busy having a good time, they don’t even realize that they are learning something. Now comes something completely different for the PSC that their parents will enjoy just as much. The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes: Experience the Science of Deduction has just opened and will only be sticking around until January 8, 2017.

The new Sherlock Holmes exhibit combines science with history and culture and what else – a great mystery that needs to be solved. The interactive exhibit includes Dr. Conan Doyle’s office study with original manuscripts, letters and illustrations, the investigation room of Holmes and Watson (221B Baker Street), vintage Sherlock Holmes radio scripts, movie and TV shop props, costumes and more. You’ll be viewing all of this great stuff while also investigating footprints, hidden clues, secret codes and more.

The only downside to this exhibit is that there is an extra admission fee. Tickets are $9 for the general public in addition to the regular exhibit only ticket. Members of the PSC can get in for $7 bucks. The PSC is located at 200 2nd Ave., Seattle, 98109. For more information, visit the Pacific Science Center website.

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