Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Cat Café – A New Way to Get Your Caffeine and Feline Fix

Someone is waiting for you...(Meowtropolitan)
Seattle is now home to two “cat cafes” where guest come to enjoy a beverage while playing with a few cats and if you enjoy their company, you might be able to take them home with you as well.
Seattle Meowtropolitan (located in Wallingford) opened its doors last December and the Kitty Catfe (located in Edmonds) is just a few weeks old. Both work with local animal shelters in hopes of adopting more of these furry friends out, but not all the felines are available for take-out. In the case of Kitty Catfe, three of the cats act like they own the place, and that is partially true. They are full-time residents. However, any of the other kitties are open for adoption, but they are more than happy to sit in your lap for an hour as well.

Unlike dog parks, the cat café is not a place to bring your own cat to socialize and mostly likely, they wouldn’t want to socialize with other cats anyway. They want human interaction.

These cat cafes are popular too. Seattle Meowtropolitan is a full service coffee shop. Your 50 minute stay includes a beverage of your choice but you might want to reserve your spot ahead of time. Each visit cost $10 per person and is limited those age 8 and up. This location even offers “Yoga with Cats” classes for $20 and the cats are supplied.

The Kitty Catfe has plans to become a coffee shop as well, but until the health department gives the official go ahead, they can only offer canned soda pop which is included with your $5 admission charge.

The Kitty Catfe is located at 9697 Firdale Ave. in Edmonds. They don’t have a website yet, but you can give them a call at 425-622-4258. The Seattle Meowtropolitan can be found at 1225 N. 45th St. in Seattle. You can book a visit or a class on their website only. Both locations are closed on Mondays.

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