Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fans of Disneyland’s Soarin’ Ride are Loving Seattle’s Own Wings Over Washington

Seattle only "flying theater." (Wings Over Washington)
Earlier this summer a new attraction open on Pier 57 in the form of a “flying theater.” Patterned after Disney theme parks Soarin’ attractions, Wings Over Washington gives visitors a literal bird’s eye view of the best of Washington state. But don’t expect a copy-cat, in fact, you might want to set you sights higher.

Located near the Seattle Great Wheel, Wings Over Washington is super-themed. After walking past the two authentic totem poles and underneath the neon sign, a friendly “state ranger” will lead you to holding area where you’ll find a large map of the state highlighting the places you’ll be traveling on your upcoming journey. Then you’ll be escorted to national park cabin decked out with totem figures and posters highlighting some the best activities found in Washington. Soon, you’ll meet another ranger on his first day on the job explaining the legend that sometime eagles have been known to take guests on a flying journey, but of course that is just a superstition.

You’ll then be led to the viewing room that will feel as though you just stepped outside intruding on someone’s campsite late at night. There is a campfire burning and the place is surrounded by pine trees. Look closely and you’ll see a raccoon and owl looking back at you.

After a seatbelts are secured, you’re up and on your journey following the mighty eagle to various locations in Washington including forests (with the scent of pine being pumped in), over the Pacific Ocean (with a mist from the sea), through tulip fields, over Snoqualmie Falls, through a Husky football game and more. Before you know it, you’ll be back home safe and sound wanting to try it out again.

Tickets are $17 per person ages 12-64, $13 for those age 11 and under and $15 for seniors and can be purchased in person or on their website. Wings Over Washington is located at 1301 Alaskan Way, Seattle, 98101.

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